“Is the zordar appeal” This Multilingual Commentary of Jan Sob Will Definitely Crack Your Ribs

Umran Hussain

Jan Muhammad, popularly known as Jan Sob is a cricket enthusiast from South Kashmir’s Pulwama district. A jokesmith, accompanying his favourite teams all the time and witnessing almost all the local cricket matches happening in Pulwama and other districts, is known to every cricket lover in Kashmir.

Known for his imaginary castle building about cricket strategies, advises to the team members he witnesses the match with and most importantly his multilingual commentary, Jan Muhammad sees a fleet of cars of cricketers almost everyday outside his home, waiting for him to accompany them to the sports stadium with everyone waiting him to support their particular team.

Jan Muhammad is also known for his mercurial nature as he switches sides quite often according to his own wish and comfort. Presently he is being sponsored by “Haji 11” a very strong side playing for district Pulwama.

You too may have come across a video with a rib breaking commentary in the background; a fiery man with strong vocals, full of excitement using an alien language – a mixture of English, Urdu and Kashmiri.

The video with Jan Muhammad’s commentary in the background received love across all the social media platforms with the valley’s most prominent personalities sharing it on their personal pages and accounts.

The live video of a cricket match with Jan’s commentary in the background caught the attention of social media users and soon after a short video of his hilarious commentary was uploaded, it set the internet on fire.

With millions of views and thousands of comments the video is now available all over the internet.

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