Kashmiri Artist Stands Out For Making Paintings On Chinar Leaves. Sets World Record

Umran Hussain

Tabish Ajaz an artist based in Kashmir’s Anantnag district, has created eye-catching paintings on waste materials, Chinar leaves, egg shells, wood and feathers..

Speaking to The Kashmir Radar, Tabish said, “I create these paintings out of interest. I have never been to any art school. I always believe in creating something new. From paper cutting to plastic waste material, I believe in creating unique artefacts and paintings.”

“I have been creating paintings since my childhood. Then in the year 2019, when the worldwide lockdown started because of the pandemic, I started spending more time for creating those master pieces first time for the public.” She said.

Pursuing MBBS from a Medical University in Bangladesh, Tabish is a young enthusiast who started painting on waste materials since her childhood and considers her art as a blessing.

“Although I am a self taught artists, yet I would like to mention a teacher who taught us basics of the art in the kindergarten in my school. I can proudly say that she has been a driving force for me to take up this art.” Said Tabish.

Amid her busy schedule in the medical college, Tabish spares a good amount of time for what she considers as her passion.

Upon asking if she ever plans to convert her passion into a profession, Tabish said that, “only a persons passion can relieve him of all his burdens. Profession is tantamount to earning money which dilutes the very essence of the word ‘passion’, so I would love to be what I am.”

Tabish’s maximum number of paintings are drawn on Chinar leaves because she considers the Chinar as the ambassador of Kashmir. “Those Chinar leaves, in addition to carrying my art, represent the beautiful valley of Kashmir as well. It simply pleases me.” Said Tabish.

Tabish recently featured in India Book of Records, Asia Book of Records and India World Records after her miniature paintings on Chinar leaves, wood, feathers and stones received world wide recognition.

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