Kashmiri Female Cricketer Subjected To Extreme Body Shaming By Kashmiri Social Media Users

Soon after the news of her getting picked by Delhi Capitals went viral on social media, hundreds of social media users in Kashmir subjected her to body shaming and online bullying.

Umran Hussain

It seems that in this age of internet, no one is safe from cruel comments on social media, not even the female athletes who are living their dream and are making their people proud.

The trolling culture in Kashmir stooped to another low when Jasia Akhter’s news of her getting picked by Delhi Capitals hit the stands on Monday evening.

As soon as the local news papers and news portals shared the News, Kashmiri netizens particularly habitual trolls put every conscious citizen to shame by typing degrading and shameful comments describing Jasia as someone who should sit back in a dark room and meditate for the sake of grief stricken and psychopath internet users of Kashmir, apparently just for being a women.

Kashmir Radar’s ‘Social Media Analysis Team’ picked up a random Facebook post announcing Jasia’s selection and found some distressful and troubling comments by kashmiri social media users and just one step ahead, we analysed the profiles of those whose comments were extremely disturbing and here is what we found:

The News along with the picture of Jasia was published by a Facebook page “KashmeerisTaan” and we chose some specific abusers among thousands of comments in the comment section of the post.

One user namely ‘Shaeny Bhat’ wrote, “Ye to kuch aur lag raha hai” and upon checking his Facebook wall, we found various religious posts shared by this particular user including the verses of some revered saints of Kashmir, hence exposing the hypocrisy of this person.

Another User namely, ‘Faisal Bhat’ had something very bitter to write, “Ye ladka hai ya ladki?” and upon checking his profile we found it Locked and could not get to the roots of Faisal to expose him more.

Another user, ‘Meer Danish’ whose profile would welcome you with ‘Alhamdulillah for everything’ and his wall decorated with lectures of more than ten religious scholars exposed his double standards by writing ‘Ye cha female Kin Male?’ Which translates to “is she a male or a female?”

Hundreds of other kashmiri Facebook users had something similar to say about this female cricketer, hence subjecting her to extreme body shaming without any remorse.

We talked to some educationists and experts who have always been vocal in countering such targetted hate towards a particular gender and here is what they opined:

“We live in a society which is engrained with gender specificity and its hate towards women is something which needs to be called out as much as we can. We have some male cricketers from Kashmir who made it to the national level, but our society tagged them as ‘Sons of the soil” and unfortunately, Jasia Akhter was subjected to harrasment and bullying for the same feat which her male counterparts achieved. I didn’t come across a single posts describing her as the “daughter of the soil.” Such is the pathetic condition of the society we live in.” Said Rouf Raaif, an educator and a feminist.

“As far as I have researched the behaviour of such online trolls who only pop up when a women achieves something, I have found some disturbing trends. Their behaviour seems quite mercurial. You will find them sharing content which does not describe them, something which does not provide any clue to the researcher about what this social media user actually wants. In one instance, they will share a religious lecture calling out those who disrespect women and soon you will find them turning tables and commenting or sharing something which outrightly goes against the women. They are just there and you will find them engaged in this particular job everytime you try to find out what your subject as a researcher is up to.” Said Dr. Asad Irfan, a scholar who has extensively worked on contributions of Sufi saints in Kashmir.

According to the recent statistics published by a kashmiri researcher, 85 percent social media users in Kashmir are using social media without any purpose, as their social media dash boards displayed very disturbing trends with no specific inclination or reason.

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