“Kashmiri Rounders” Touched A New Height Of insanity. Abused Women In Their New Rap Song

Umran Hussain

The offensive content of a Rap song just touched a new height of misogyny in Kashmir when a famous YouTube channel “Kashmiri Rounders” which usually makes comedy content, released a rap song by one of its actors who is openly promoting misogynism.

Ponsa ponsa chekh che karan, ponsan peth chekh che maraan” The singer in the opening line of his so called rap song refers to a girl as somebody who can do anything for money.

Ponsa chun sori asaan, chekh che boote khorey basan ” money is not everything, and you look like a boot in ones feet.

You roam around like a hippie”
“You love keeping boys around you”

Aren’t these lines enough to show how offensive this song is?

Moreover, the so called song also portrays a stereotype of how women always love “rich” men and how they love to keep boys wandering around them.
The song unfortunately deems it right to call women by different names, she is a gold digger, she is like my shoe, it takes her long hours to wear make up just to impress boys etc.

The video that has garnered more than one lac twenty five thousand views in just two days proved to be yet another number that entertained the netizens in Kashmir.

Barring a few, his fans lauded his performance and undoubtedly without analysing the content and the lyrics of the song, his fans simply let him go.

“Kashmiri Rounders” is a famous YouTube channel in Kashmir that usually posts comedy videos and the singer in question,  Mir Umar can always be seen playing the leading character in their short videos.
This is probably for the first time that the team “Kashmiri Rounders” composed a song seemingly without consulting a content creator who could have lessoned them on the ethics and community standards of social networking giants and how responsibly they were supposed to act in a sensitive society that looks upon a women with respect.

Though “kashmiri Rounders” have time and again been informed about the cringe content they promote in the name of Comey on YouTube and Facebook, but this time around the limits of “objectifying,”  “demeaning,” and “shaming” women have been crossed.

Most propably, trying to copy the internet sensation, Musaib Bhat whose recent number “Downtown” took internet by storm, the kashmiri Rounders’ lead actor Umar may have tried to go Musaib’s way but talking about the content, Musaibs song was literally a treat to listen to.

“Promoting such content is nothing but ignorance, to gain a few followers on internet and to earn a few bucks, you can’t demean the most precious creation of God. By refering to women in such a cringe way, we directly or indirectly refer to our sisters too. This insanity needs to be stopped at an earliest.” Said Shahi Shahbaz, an author.

“I listened to the noise they have produced in the form of a song and what shook me was the response they have got from their so called fans. Nobody has even bothered to call them out or report them about what they have done in the video. Acting a woman a gold digger is tantamount to calling her a whore.” Said Raja faizal, a youtuber based in Dubai.

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