‘Kyeat’ for Cat and ‘Elfant’ for Elephant, This Kashmiri Dadi Is Wining Hearts On Internet

Umran Hussain

With her typical Kashmiri way of pronouncing Kyeat and Elfant, this deautiful Dadi is wining hearts on Internet.

Amid hundreds of videos promoting cringe content on social media, a video of an elderly woman from Kashmir is loved by hundreds and thousands of social media users in India for her typical “kashmiri” pronunciation of words like Kyeat for cat and Elfant for elephant.

A grandma apparently in her 90’s with her grandson in a video saying what English alphabets stand for, has received love and appreciation from the netizens all over the country across all social media platforms.

The video has been shared by hundreds of verified Facebook and Twitter accounts praising the simplicity of this grandma who seems to be well trained in naming various animals and vegetables in English as she flawlessly names all the things which her grandson asks her in Kashmiri.

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