Meet Zuha Imtiyaz – Kashmir’s Youngest Vlogger And Influencer

Umran Hussain

Deriving inspiration from some of the famous vloggers across the globe especially the one in her neighbourhood – Imad Clicks, Zuha Imtiyaz started dreaming of becoming the youngest vlogger by exploring various tourist resorts in the valley of Kashmir.

A fifth standard student, Zuha comes from a place popular for its Meadows, particularly the “meadow of gold” universally known as “Sonamarg.”

Zuha has a complete creative control over her videos. Her mother would make suggestions if she is stuck or if there is a special request from someone but she has the final say on what to do.

Zuha Imtiyaz, better known by her Youtube handle “Kashmiri Little Vlogger,”  has a channel of about 2 thousand subscribers and counting. 

Once on the sets of “Taaruk,” a famous talk show of Kashmir, Zuha showcased her vlogging skills and revealed that she uses only a tripod and a phone to make her vlogs.

“Her urge to make vlogs and to grow a community on YouTube is overwhelming, being her mother I understood the intensity of that spark in her and I decided to let her follow her dream. I accompany her wherever she wishes to make a vlog and I am the one who does editing part of her videos.” Said Zuha’s mother while talking to The Kashmir Radar’s Umran Hussain.

“Vlog on famous tulip garden is the first video I uploaded on my YouTube channel. I received a good response, people praised me for the way I narrated the happenings in the garden. Amid the tourist rush, I kept on shooting and narrating, nothing could stop me. I just wanted to go and while doing it, I felt at an unexpected ease and the rest is history.” Said Zuha.

Zuha is also known for her oratory skills and she has been receiving various invitations to attend seminars and conferences. In a very recent seminar held in her district, Zuha spoke about “women empowerment” infront of a jam packed audience dotted by various authors and well known speakers.

Talking about trolls and abusive comments, Zuha said that, trolls are not going to spare you, they wont look at your age, gender, religion or the suffering behind. They will just come after you. They don’t have a set criteria. I too was trolled, even abused at times, but thankfully because of the motivation from some of my well wishers, I went on and learnt to ignore them.

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