Milad Flags In A Municipality Pick Up Truck! Can “Aqeedatmands” Justify This Insanity ‘

Umran Hussain

On 19 October, tens of millions of Muslims across the world marked the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad in a celebration known as Mawlid an-Nabi, or milad.

Most Muslims celebrating the day put up decorations in their homes and on the streets, and attend communal meals, as well as speeches in mosques recounting the life of the prophet.

Those marking the event attend special meals, often held at mosques with other members of the community, and spend the day reflecting on the teachings of the prophet.

In addition to this, the streets, the cars and the bikes too are decorated with Islamic flags depicting love for the last Of Messenger(PBUH). Hundreds of cars March in the streets donning green flags with Prophets name written on them.

Soon after the Milad ends, most of the people who celebrate the day with fervor forget about the sanctity of the things used for celebration and flags are the most abundantly used item and at the end of the day, those flags find their place in dustbins, on roads and in the garbage.

A picture which is now viral on social media shows hundreds of flags in a municipality pick up truck probably being carried to the garbage dumbing site.

This is what we call “desecration” and insanity of the highest order, because a specific group of people who fight whole calendar year with other Muslims belonging to other sects and who defy the celebration of Prophets Birthday, forget to take care of those flags which they used to show their love and affection towards the Last Messenger of Allah.

This bigotry clearly depicts their intentions, the intentions to exaggerate and show-off their love for the Prophet(PBUH).

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