Miniature Flower That Added Muntazir To The List Of Record Holders In India

Picture by The Kashmir Radar

Umran Hussain

21 year old artist from Pulwama recently hit the headlines after the “India Book Of Records” featured his name among other phenomenal record holders in India.

The smallest “origami paper flower” with neatest of the details caught the attention of the jury that decides what is worth making or breaking a record at the “India Book Of Records.” The flower with unbelievable dimensions of 3.01cm X 1.08cm’s left the jury baffled and prompted them to add such an amazing achievement to the Indian record holders book.

“Not only did I work on the details of this miniature flower, I finalised the project in just 3 minutes and 55 seconds.” Said Muntazir, while talking to The Kashmir Radar’s Umran Hussain.

The art features in the “India book of records” under the title, “Smallest Origami Flower With Stem.”

“Art entices me more than anything, I call it a divine calling, a method of healing. I have been associated with the art the day I started comprehending its true essence. It binds our mind with the body and without any sort of exaggeration, it truly heals me.” Said Muntazir.

Resident of Tiken, a village in South Kashmir’s Pulwama, Muntazir says, he is now trying his hand on Mandala, Sketching, Calligraphy and Wall paintings.

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