Mocked For Being Deaf. The End Times Are Here

Popular for creating fuss and promotion cringe content on social media, Kashmiri youtubers and Facebook page owners recently stooped to another low by uploading and amplifying the video of an elderly deaf and helpless person.

A video apparently filmed in a goverment office somewhere in Kashmir left everyone teary eyed after a man apparently in his 90’s is unable to hear clearly what another person tries to convey to him.

“The documents will be delivered to you very soon,” yells the man standing next to this helpless person, but unable to comprehend and hear what is being said to him, he (the elderly man) answers something else, not even remotely related to what is being said actually.

The same video was uploaded and shared by certain sadists who derive pleasure out of others’ sufferings and doing so has been a daily routine for them.

Such video’s are shared on social media with an intent to gain followers, to garner views and to earn money and unfortunately the people who upload such video’s are extremely popular among the masses as ‘content creators.’

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