“Naaro Hoo” – If It Hurts Someone, Remember, The Joke Is Not Funny

Umran Hussain

‘Content Creator’s’ in our beloved valley keep on crossing all the limits of hurting the sentiments of people by intentionally or unintentionally creating memes and jokes which they feel are funny.

From using misogynistic jokes to making fun of specially abled people, our so called content creator’s hardly care about the community guidlines put in place for using social media platforms. All they care about is the viewership which fetches them a few bucks at the end of the month.

Naaro Hoo‘ – a man shouting “fire fire” is a trending meme in the market probably recorded and uploaded by valley’s beloved cringe content creator’s who are famous for earning lakhs of money out of what they call “Drama’s” to entertain the masses.

Why “Naaro Hoo ” isn’t funny and why it needs to be reported whenever it pops up on your mobile phone screens.?

Imagine the amount of damage caused to a specially abled person when you call him one, either by copying him or by naming him so, repeatedly. Imagine laughing at the condition of the face of an acid attack victim, imagine using the word “rape” as a joke infront of a rape victim.!

More than 700 families lost their houses to the blazing fire in Kashmir during this year.

As per the latest data, fire incidents have already consumed property worth Rs. 560 crore in the last six years in Kashmir. In Srinagar district only, the data suggests a clear spike in the fire incidents since January 2022. – Reports

Naaro Hoo” is actually a distress call in kashmiri language when an unfortunate family sees their house engulfed in blazing fires. This distress call particularly squeezes out of the mouths of poor women folk of the family, as yelling and chest thumping remains the only hope for them when such an unfortunate situation arises.

No further explanation is needed to elaborate the term “Naaro Hoo” in broader perspective, as this term as indicated in the above paragraph depicts helplessness and nothing more.

There should be no If’s and But’s, no whatabotery and no impure justifications when it comes to using such heart piercing yells as jokes and memes.

The audio of “Naaro Hoo” used in memes as a joke may be hurting a family who has been through such an incident as these words may still be reverberating into the ears of the female folk, the children and the elderly of that family.

If it hurts someone, remember the joke is not funny.

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