Nazir Josh: The Famous Comedian Of The 90’s

With hundreds of content creators trying to make us laugh by producing short videos in kashmiri language, nothing seems to replace the laughter therapy which people in kashmiri would receive during evening time back in 90’s.

Dim lights, soothing silence and room full of men, women and children, every evening, Nazir Josh’s drama’s would add beauty to the simpler life style of kashmiri people.

Loved by one and all, Josh had made his mark as a celebrated comedian in Kashmir with his unique funny and unmatched facial frowns and expressions.

Nazir Josh, Kashmir’s very own much loved comedian, who appeared on Doordarshan (DD) – the national broadcaster during 90’s.

Exceptionally funny facial expressions, a unique walking style and a voice that still reverberates in the eardrums of 90’s kids.

The period that saw turmoil and atmosphere filled with grief, Nazir Josh’s heroic performance proved to be a life saver for the people of Kashmir.

A poet, scriptwriter, director and actor, Josh is a household name in Kashmir popularly known as ‘Jum German’, ‘Ahead Raza’ and other popular names which he was known for in various TV serials.

Josh ran regular comedy serials on the local DD which were very well admired and loved by the local populace.

He believes that medicines alone cannot treat the psychological issue that simple in Kashmir face, comedy lifts their mood up.

“People in Kashmir need to relax and, for that, humour and satire are the best medicines,”

He recalled how a local family had come to thank him for helping cure their mother who was suffering from severe depression.

“The son of the lady being treated for depression told me his mother had laughed after a long time when she saw an episode of my comedy serial ‘Hazaar Dastaan’.

“The boy said when the family told the psychiatrist about his mother’s laughter, which came after long months of depression, the psychiatrist advised them to show her more episodes of the comedy serial. It completely cured the lady.”



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