Razia Rabbani: ‘Hijab Girl’ From Kashmir Who Promotes Hijab and Abaya Through Social Media

Umran Hussain

Razia Rabbani, a 19 year old girl from Kashmir’s Budgam District is promoting Abaya and Hijab at a young age. Her Instagram and other social media accounts have become a meeting ground for like-minded hijab-wearing women.

Promoting her Muslim identity – Razia is the counteragent to the notion that, “hijab wearing women are oppressed.”

Promoting hijab is no less than a revolution in the present world where islamophobia continues to haunt Muslims all over the world.

Razia started this crusade in the year 2021 when one of her picture in valleys famous Tulip garden went viral and received praise and acclaimation all across the globe.

“I get connected to people through Social Media, I receive hundreds of messages enquiring about the availability of Abaya’s I wear. I feel elated when I help a woman in finding one.” Said Razia while talking to The Kashmir Radar.

Razia, an Arabic graduate and a Poetess beleives that women look beautiful in hijab and Abaya too.

“Hijab and Abaya only mask the physical beauty of a woman, I believe they reveal the inner beauty of a woman at the same, which deters the unwanted male attention for sure. We too receive attention, but of a diffrent nature. I believe, at the very first sight men must be talking about the chastity of a hijab and Abaya wearing woman.” Said Razia.

“My sole motto of promoting Abaya and Hijab is to make women aware of their ‘existence.’ The existence they never talk about, the existence that we are never taught in schools. Being in a veil gives us a realization of being unique and that uniqueness leads us to our existence.” Said Razia.

Razia’s pictures donning Hijab and Abaya often taken over the internet, as she gets her pictures clicked for the same purpose. The purpose to send out a message that a hijabi women too can enjoy the picnic spots, she too can go on outings with her friends and that this viel doesn’t stop her from clicking picture and posting them on social media.

When asked about the cold response from critics, Razia lauded her critics for being irrational.

“They ask me questions about wearing trendy Abayas, they question me for posting my pictures on social media. The same people can be seen praising and wearing trendy and revealing cloths and they never question that thing. Isn’t it being hypocritical.? Why would you question only the trends of an Abaya and not the usual dresses.” Said Razia.

Razia considers  Hijab and Abaya as her first priority as she being an acclaimed poetess in the past has almost given it up for the sake of promoting hijab among Muslim girls.

Razia has a complete family support in promoting her cause, which further boosts her morale and encourages her to work more and more for promoting what she considers a blessing for a Muslim woman.

While promoting Hijab and Abaya, Razia invokes a sense of veiling as something modern.

Razia in the valley’s famous tulip garden.
Clicking a selfie in the lap of nature.
Showcasing a latest trendy Abaya while promoting a specific brand she works in collaboration with.

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