Reshma Disappoints His Fans By Desecrating Quranic Verses In A Wedding Song

Umran Hussain

Reshma, a household name in Kashmir shot to fame after he mesmerized his fans with a famous song “Haye Haye Wesye” is again in news, but this time his song didn’t go down well as he can be heard using Quranic verses while singing with women in a wedding somewhere in Kashmir.

The video which is now viral on social media has been recorded in a wedding ceremony where more than ten women surrounding Reshma sing in chorus and support him while he uses a few Quranic verses in his song.

Without realising the consequences of the contents of the song, the video was first uploaded by a social media handle with a caption, “Reshma is back.”

Soon after the song was viewed by thousands of netizens, the contents of the song were questioned immediately and Facebook users demanded action against Reshma and requested social media users not to share the video as it may hurt the sentiments of millions of people across the globe.

Such incidents are rampant on social media, sometimes intentionally and sometimes without scrutinizing the contents, social media users upload such content without taking care of community guidlines.

Facebook in its community guidlines clearly mentions that nothing about religion that hurts the sentiments of its users should be uploaded on its platform. Such content most of the times is hidden or completely taken down by the Facebook but only when most of the users report about the contents of the video being sensitive.

A tailor by profession, Abdul Rashid has created such an image of himself that every marriage ceremony seems incomplete without Reshma. But the hard-fought journey has not been easy, and it was only compulsions that allowed him to think of shifting his profession.

Reshma has popularised the songs he sings and devised them in a whole new way, using different languages. Although people don’t understand all of it, as some of it carries them no meaning, the songs offer a different soothing sensation.

His wedding songs have already hit more than two million views on Youtube alone, and his song clippings can be seen everywhere, making Reshma a household name. Among his groovy numbers, Haye Haye Wasiey remains the thrilling score.

The song has some complicated yet amusing lyrics, which even Reshma doesn’t understand, but leaves his fans in fits of laughter.

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