‘Roza Rakhunga’: Ramzan ‘version’ of Kacha Badam by Pakistani artist draws flak

Bhubhan Badyakar’s iconic Kacha Badam has hit a new level of popularity after it was adapted into a Ramzan-themed version.

Pakistani artist Yasir Soharwardi recently released the contrafactum titled Roza Rakhunga that follows the same tune with his own lyrics.

A video of the song has triggered a flurry of memes and hilarious reactions on Twitter.
A Pakistani Youtuber’s Ramzan-themed contrafactum of the iconic Kacha Badam song has sparked a memefest on Twitter.

Bhubhan Badyakar’s Kacha Badam continues to be a rage after it first broke the internet late last year. From commoners to celebrities, the dance-video bandwagon was taking everyone aboard.
Now, there might be a new measure of the song’s popularity as Yasir Soharwardi, a musical artist from Pakistan, has attempted to remix the song with lyrics urging young children to practise fasting for the holy month.

The catchy chorus of the Bengali-song’s cover cover goes like: “Ramzan-Ramzan aaya Ramzan-Ramzan”, similar to “Badam badam a dada kacha badam”.

However, the animals that feature in the video are the main highlight of the song, which also failed to impress netizens.

Yasir’s hand cups around a myna in a shot that accompanies the lyrics “Roza rakhungi”, so it appears that bird is singing with a raucous voice. He later holds a cat and sings “Billi bhi kehti hai, iftaari mai bhi karungi”.

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