Safiya Mehraj: A self taught artist and a calligrapher

Safiya Mehraj, a self taught artist and calligrapher was born in Srinagar.

Safiya says, “the beatiful valley of Kashmir ,its culture and people have always inspired me to switch to art and calligraphy”

Braving all odds, Safiya has been close to books and art. She has finished her masters from University of kashmir, and emerged as gold medalist from Clinical Biochemistry department.

As per Safiya Mehraj, drawing proved to be a healing process during lockdown imposed due to COVID-19. She believes that life has ups and downs but healing takes lot of time.”

Safiya Mehraj Showcasing her calligraphy

The artist believes that drawing is a constant process and scribbling thoughts and their turn out in the end is just another feeling.

She further said that she’s grateful to her parents who gave her “ample support and everything that eyes fell upon.”

“They have always been supportive and continue to appreciate my efforts,” she added.

Besides that, she does all the artistic stuff that makes her happy. “I try to paint my own imagination. I draw portraits(traditional/digital), calligraphy(Arabic/English/urdu). I also make graphic designs, book covers, logos etc.

Time management is a challenge and we all are suffering from procastination. I try to make sure that I do things on time and that makes me super happy,” she concluded.

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