Shocking Details About The Instagram Profile Of Acid Attacker From Srinagar

Umran Hussain

Kashmir witnessed a massive public outrage on Wednesday over the acid attack on a 24-year-old woman in Srinagar, even as the police arrested three persons, including the main accused, in the incident.

The main accused who as per reports was engaged with the victim has been continously sharing religious videos and statutes on his Instagram profile.

Aurat ki izzat karna ek izzat daar mard ki nishani hai.” Is what this criminal has written in the bio of his Instagram profile.

Now What does this reveal.?

People tend to trust religious people more than non-religious ones and as per experts, most vicious people execute their criminal activities under the garb of religion.

Such people hide behind the sham social media profiles and lure the innocent people especially women who ultimately fall prey to a fraud.

Talking about the main accused in the incident in question, we found more than seven Islamic videos shared by him on his Instagram profile in addition to the Quranic verse about women in his bio. Some of the videos shared by him are about the importance of a mother in ones life which indicates something very serious and scary about this man.

It is important to mention that religion or religious beliefs are not to be blamed in such cases, as it is only the person who uses those beliefs and doctrines for his or her personal gains or to betray innocent people who is to be blamed.

The “great looking” social media profile of this criminal should act as an eye-opener for every soul in the universe especially women, because a man who committed such a heinous crime may have deliberately decorated his profile with pro women Quranic Verses and videos.

Had this criminal been serious about what his profile on social media depicted, he may have never taken such a drastic step and research suggests that such people try to portray themselves the ‘otherwise’ during the period of planning the execution of the crime.

In this case also, it seems that this acid thrower wanted to build a wall of innocence before executing the crime.

For the sake of convenience, let’s take an example of a man in California, who before getting caught with the worlds costliest wood in his truck had started a campaign against deforestation a week earlier.

The remake of this incident was witnessed by every soul in Kashmir when a Quranic verse mentioned earlier, in the Bio of the acid thrower took everyone by suprise.

It is pertinent to mention that three persons were arrested for attacking a 24-year-old woman with acid on the evening of Tuesday, 1 February, in Srinagar.

The woman, originally from the Eidgah area, was attacked at around 6 pm, outside her business unit at Osmania colony.

She sustained acid burns on her face and eyes and was immediately taken to Shri Maharaja Hari Singh Hospital.

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