Soliha Shabir: Recreating Habba Khatoon’s Poetry

Umran Hussain

Soliha Shabir earlier this year added her name in “India’s World Records” as the youngest and first author in Jammu and Kashmir “who has recreated the life of Habba Khatoons poetry.”

According to Soliha, “Zoon” is the first book that has recreated the theme of Habba Khatoon’s poetry and essence.”

22-year-old Soliha has authored three books, ‘In the lawn of dark’, ‘Obsolete- The poem Market’, ‘Zoon – The heart of Habba Khatoon’.

Soliha is a student of English literature and is very passionate about writing.

Having written her first poem with the help of her teacher, Soliha started her writing career at the age of 15.

She later continued her passion of writing and her first book ‘In the lawn of dark‘ is a compilation of 200 self-motivational quotes accumulated over years.

Soliha Shabir hails from Dalgate, Srinagar. Her father is a hotelier and despite the business background Soliha grew an intrest in writing. 

Soliha Shabir published her debut book In The Lawn of Dark and after a gap of 3 months, her paperback Obsolete was out in the year 2020.

Her books describe various fields of society and have been a great inspiration for the youth. Soliha has become a known face in debates and events as a guest and inspiring woman.

Receiving guidance from her teachers, Soliha built herself in her passion and soon developed the ambition to become a poet.

Her art of the poetry has been portraying the numerous evils and exterminate them by arousing public consciousness and awareness in readers.

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