Story of A Kashmiri Drug Addict Who Sold His Sister To A Drug Peddler

Shoaib Gani

While recording this heart wrenching account of an unfortunate sister, a shrivelled leaf from a chinar tree fell on the windshield of my car, signalling the onset of autumn season – a season quite infamous for draining out all the grace from towering trees and blooming flowers, synonymous to what drugs do to a young and a charming body of a human being.

Raju (Name Changed) was enrolled in valleys’ best college, where he was pursuing his graduation and at the same time aspiring to become an engineer.

However, Raju’s dreams were shattered when he lost his parents at a young age, hence leaving him and his sister alone in the wilderness; wandering, screeching, yelling in the half dark and half lit spaces with no visible boundaries which could help Raju in deciding the future course of action.

In order to survive, Raju started a small business, a shop in his locality and for a very shorter period of time, he along with his sister seemed to be doing well, monetarily as well as psychologically, with no visible signs of weariness or exhaustion.

One fine day, a peregrine falcon (Drug peddler) locked his prey from a very distant place after measuring the innocene and vulnerability of his prey (Raju) and the deal was done, the prey was was taken captive.

Now, all the earnings of Raju were used to buy drugs and Raju in a nonexistent and an unreal world started dreaming again, but this time his dreams as well the world he lived in, were all fictitious and fake.

Raju’s approach towards his sister changed all of a sudden, as she started questioning him about the income of their shop, his new friend circle, the change in the timings of leaving and arriving. Irritated Raju didn’t listen to anybody, not even to his relatives and with the passage of time, everyone gave upon him, but his beloved sister would still wait for him for the dinner till late hours.

Raju’s sister was informed by his (Raju’s) acquaintances about the drug abuse he was involved in.

The shop has now nothing to offer to its customers as its owner went bankrupt after he increased the doses of the substances and with empty hands, Raju now turns to drug peddling to earn some money so that he could buy drugs for his daily consumption and for this purpose he used his own vehicle.

Time passed, and he had to sell his vehicle as well and everyone, even the friends from his gang left him alone, as he was now unable to pay them in lieu of drugs.

Raju is now at such a stage of life where he is literally unable to survive without drugs and to buy them, he is ready to take the most horrifying step of his life.

The Darkest Night Of Suhana’s (Name Changed) Life:

Waiting for Raju at home, Suhana (name changed) half asleep and tired, woke up to a knock on the door, expecting her brother, for whom she had kept the dinner ready, but a stranger with bloody eyes, frizzy hair and a dreadful smile, introducing himself as Raju’s close friend appeared infront of Suhana.

Clueless Suhana couldn’t utter a word, she didn’t even ask him about the reason of his arrival during night hours, she humanely offered him a glass of water, considering him the friend of his brother.

Where do you sleep, I mean where is your room”? Asked the stranger to Suhana.

What do you want and why are you asking me such a question?” Asked Suhana.

You will have to sleep with me for the night, as your brother took money from me and in exchange he offered you to me.” Said the stranger.

Everything went dark, darker than the night itself, Suhana’s brain started playing games with her, she recalled the playful Raju in his childhood, that naughtiness, that love he had for his sister and her parents’ faces appearing and disappearing…. everything smells pungent, the walls of the house seemed broken and while recalling all this, Suhana is getting Raped.

The next morning, Suhana woke up to a new world, engulfed by the dreadful left overs of syringes, packets of heroine and opium and the smoke emanating from the destructed homes of drug abusers. A new world where Suhana has nowhere to go.

The Rehabilitation Centre:

Laila Qureshi, a psychologist, mental health expert and the co-founder of “The Grooming Kashmir” while narrating this ordeal, cried inconsolably, as according to her, in her entire career, she herself for the first time felt the need of a psychiatrist after listening to the heart wrenching story of Suhana.

After Suhana narrated her unpleasant experience, Laila left no stone unturned to trace the whereabouts of Raju, but as of now, nobody has any clue about him.

Laila, enquired about Raju from the drug addicts admitted in her rehabilitation centre, but none among them could help in tracing him out and Suhana is yet to recover from the wounds incurred by the negligence of the society she lives in.






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