Story of The Goat Who Cried Like a Human

A heartbreaking clip showing a goat crying like a child has gone viral across social media – and people can’t get enough.

The viral footage was shared on Twitter by @ram_vegan. The goat, that was bought to be sold, hugs its owner while wailing like a human.

“Even animals who can’t speak have feelings and emotions,” the Twitter user penned.

“Despite not being able to speak, they love their owner dearly.

While the context is unclear, he then suggested that the clip should make people reconsider their carnivore diets.

He added: “They weep like real people. When his owner was seen, a goat that had been brought to be sold on Eid Ul Adha began to weep like a human.

Fellow Twitter users held back the tears in the replies, with one admitting defeat, saying: “I really cried after watching this video.”

Another emotional response read: “I watched this video so many times. That’s why I don’t attach myself to domestic animals like pets. This is a painful goodbye.”

Like humans, it appears that goats also feel empathy after a study published in the Royal Society revealed that the animals can distinguish different human facial expressions.

Additionally, they were found to “generally prefer happy faces” regardless of gender.

The study concluded: “These findings suggest that the ability of animals to perceive human facial cues is not limited to those with a long history of domestication as companions, and therefore may be far more widespread than previously believed.”

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