Teens on Wheels: Minor Stunt Bikers Are Losing Their Lives To Stupidity

Umran Hussain

In spite of presence of traffic police cops everywhere on the main roads, underaged bikers are fearlessly racing on roads every now and then.

Commuters are being troubled by the deafening noise of roaring bikes and the life threatening stunts performed on roads by these young bikers.

There must be punitive action, so that others too, do not feel embittered. Bike gang culture, with their speed thrills theory needs to be dealt with very harshly and stamped out.

More than five videos of young bikers tossing themselves with passengers vehicles and roadside barricades in just a week’s time made every conscious citizen worried.

“Awareness and a change in people’s mentality is the only solution. “Parents don’t bother until something actually happens. Instead , they should deter their children from riding a bike or driving a car at a young age.” Said Rouf Muhammad, a goverment school teacher.

To add to the challenge, the cops are now facing a bigger threat – minor stunt bikers — who often take the rules for a ride.

And though stringent provisions exist in the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, against drivers who not only endanger their lives but pose a threat to the safety of others, the police cannot book them since they are juveniles.

People in one voice are demanding strict action against the parents of such teens and very recently two parents were booked by the Jammu and Kashmir police for a violation which their underaged son’s had committed. A step appreciated by the people.

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