The Other Side Of Samiullah’s Story Is Enough To Extinguish The Fire Set On Social Media By A Video

Shoaib Gani

It is always frustrating when there is a massive media focus on a tragic event that takes place in our society, and this media focus turns that event into a difficult conundrum which eventually makes it impossible for the masses to know the other side of the story.

The Story:

A video is uploaded by an unknown social media user, showing a woman fiercely abusing the groom and the bride accompanied by guests and relatives of the bride.

Derogatory words, Laden with racism are used for both groom and the bride. The woman without any pause calls the bride, a whore who married a man having two children already.

The woman in the video says that this man (groom) was trying to put his daughter to sleep, just a while ago and that she never knew that he has gone to get himself married to another woman. Something, which could melt the heart of any human being living in any part of the world

The first wife of the now newly wed groom, as the video tries to teach its viewers; is the woman narrating her ordeal, abusing and insanely singing as well.

Soon after the video went viral, all social media platforms were set on fire by the kashmiri netizens. Grooms’ personal details and picture were uploaded, he was demonized, called a womanizer, a thief and a scoundrel.

Facebook journalists copy pasted the video with their bad commentaries in the background, calling out the man in question.

Thousands of social media users who may have literally abandoned their own sisters, were ready to take care of the sister in the video.

However, a negligible section of our society tried to get to the roots of the issue which ruined the psyche of the newly wed bride, who had to face hell on the day when she deserved blessings.

The Other Side Of The Story:

The damage has already been done, the judgments have already been passed and the verdict is already out, but the man (groom) came out to make his side clear.

With court documents in his hand, the man made it clear that he has already divorced his wife and according to the court orders, she is illegally living at his home and is harrassing him and his family continuously.

To make the most important and controversial part of the story clear, the groom shows a photographic evidence, which shows his first wife present in the engagement ceremony with his second wife. Hence, debunking the lie of his first wife, that she was unaware of his second marriage.

Everything, that was said and done in the video was a planned assault and a well knit conspiracy to name and shame both the bride and the groom, according to the man who now has millions of hater’s in his neighbourhood.

Samiullah, a social activist and a journalist did what any other man on the planet may have done, but unethical and ill informed media turned him into a demon, who ditched his wife and children in order to get married to another woman.

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