This Cute 5-Year-Old ‘Journalist’ Reports On The Pathetic Condition Of A Lane. Impresses Netizens

Umran Hussain

Screen grab of the video

A 5-year-old girl, who turned journalist after reporting the pathetic condition of a lane in her area has now gone viral on social media platforms. Valleys prominent journalists have also shared the video showing a glimpse of the talented kid.

In the video, the girl is seen reporting about a lane which on the face of it is in a very bad condition.

“You can see the condition of this road, this road is in very bad condition, very difficult for the people to tread on it. Come I will show you how bad it looks from all sides.” Says the girl while holding a collor mike in her hand like a professional journalist.

Probably helped by her mother, as she once calls her to come closer, the girl asks the person who shoots the scene to pan the camera, which mostly journalists do while reporting a particular issue or an event.

This undated video was uploaded on Sunday evening and in a very short span of time it garnered thousands of views and shares with some of the valleys prominent journalists rating her skills in the caption.

“How cute and intelligent  baby reporter. R and B deptt must take immediate action.” Wrote Rafiq Ahmad Qadri, a Facebook user in the comment section of the video.

“Masha Allah you are amazing reporter with overloaded cuteness, eagerly waiting for your next reporting.” Wrote another Facebook user.

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