This Kashmiri Nani’s Conversation With Mannequins Will Melt Your Heart

Umran Hussain

“Ho Khan Maleow Walo gare” [O, beloved son come home] are the words which moved the internet users in Kashmir after a video of an elderly woman talking to mannequins outside a shop went viral.

An undated video shot somewhere in Kashmir went viral across almost all social media platforms moved people to tears in which an elderly women is seen talking to mannequins (dummies used to display clothes in a shop) and asking them to come home.

The lady insists the mannequin showcasing clothes of a young boy to come home. ‘Come home O Beloved,’ and then says to the shopkeeper that he doesn’t want to come home.

“I can feel the beauty of motherhood in this video, mother’s love is so precious. Instead of making fun of the mental state of this poor lady, we should take a lesson from the video. Only a mother can do this. Her love is unconditional.” Wrote a Facebook user in the comment section of the video.

Soon after the lady realises that the boy (mannequin) doesn’t listen to her, she moves towards another mannequin of a girl and starts talking to her.

“Thek chakhey lagyay, wal gare… Behiv khudayas hawal.” [Are you all right dear, come home… OK God be with you.] And the lady leaves the spot apparently confused.

Netizens reacted with mixed responses to the video with some calling out the man who had shot the video probably for fun and some appreciated the undying and unconditional love of a mother by saying that even if the lady is not mentally sound, she still cannot hide the beauty of motherhood.

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