This School Dropout Pretending To Be a ‘Prankster’ Brings Shame To The Valley

Umran Hussain

Amir Bhat, another young man who joined the beeline of alleged ‘content creators’ in Kashmir recently shot to fame after he interviewed a couple in valleys famous tulip garden.

Ap mere sath shadi karlo, mein ye Tulip garden apkey nam karunga,” were the disgusting words which didn’t go down well and received severe backlash from the public.

Soon after the video went viral on social media, netizens called out the prankster and wanted the administration to take action again him.

“This man is such a disgrace to our society, he should be put behind the bars for defaming our culture and hospitality.” Wrote Mujtaba, a Facebook user.

“This is what happens when you don’t attend a school, with such illiterate video creators, we are bound to loose our identity soon, he should be banned and arrested.” Wrote Wasim Kar, another Facebook user.

“This boy should have been in a school, he is not able to speak even Urdu language properly, his language and body language is sending out a very very bad message. We don’t do this here, we are not what this malnourished boy pretends to be.” Wrote Kamran Nabi.

“While shooting videos one must always take care of moral ethics. Asking irrelevant question to lady tourist is really big mistake. We can’t crop the line in the cover up of prank. Here the question is about our kashmiryat. Speed beakers are important in life.I think after this incident While shooting videos maximum precautions are taken b4 uploading.” Wrote Altaf Khuroo in the comment section of the video.

The prankster after realizing the gravity of his mistake took to social media and apologised for his words in the video and went on to say that he had taken permission from the couple to upload the video.

His ‘Apology video’ too received mixed responses where he was again schooled about ethics and morality he should have taken care of while dealing with tourists.

“This is what lack of professional content creators have done to us, one needs to be educated before dealing with such sensitive issues, I have been watching prankster’s all over the world since five years, never have I seen such insensitive and irresponsible language used by them in their videos. You should take classes and educate youself about community guidlines before making your videos.” Wrote Sujeel Ahmad in the comment section of the video.

After receiving severe flack, valley’s famous journalist, Sanam Ajaz too called it a dangerous trend in a live debate on his channel.

Kashmir valley has witnessed hundreds of controversies in the past too regarding videos posted on social media by the so called influencers.

Earlier, some alleged roasters were called out for making fun of physically and mentally challenged people, some were castigated for targeting women.

Recently a man was arrested for faking a phone call in which he tried to defame the girl students studying outside the valley.

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