This Sumo Drivers’ Video Of ‘Qur’an Recitation’ Is Winning Hearts Online

Umran Hussain

Calm and composed, soft spoken and humble – Mukhtar Ahmad, a driver by profession caught the attention of our correspondent, when he parked his vehicle a little away from other vehicles in the bus stand.

Mukhtar, took out the Holy Qur’an from the glove box of his vehicle and started reciting it.

Mukhtar says that he loves to spend time in reciting the holy book and doesn’t want to waste the time while he waits for the passengers in the sumo stand.

A resident of Arihal village of Pulwama, Mukhtar is a known gentleman of his area, loved by his neighbours.

“Everything in this world is here for a reason and the ultimate reality of death is known to us all. I am worried about the day of judgement and for its preparation, I don’t want to waste even a single minute of my life in doing things which are going to land me in the hell fire.” Said Mukhtar, while talking to The Kashmir Radar correspondent.

Mukhtar’s video of Qur’an recitation in his vehicle is viral on the internet with people loving his unique way of spending time to seek forgiveness.

“Our youth has been consumed by drugs, other misdeeds and moreover, the social media has engulfed our society like a wild fire. People hardly find any time for remembering their God. Through this video I send out a message of ultimate reality, that time waits for none. Come back and wake up to the ultimate reality.” Said Mukhtar Ahmad.

Mukhtar is a driver by profession and doesn’t own a smart phone, not because he is unable to afford one, but he has taken a lesson from his follow drivers, who spend most of their time on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Mukhtar says that the time which other drivers spend on social media and in the hotels gossiping with each other, is very worrisome, as I have seen the 30 years of my life flying like a bird from one branch of a tree to another. Now, thinking of the remaining time of my life; who knows, when and how I will be transitioning from this world to the another. So, preparation is the only key.

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