Trolled For His Dark Complexion, Kashmiri Boy Requests Social Media Users To Delete His Video

Umran Hussain

Trolled mercilessly for his dark skin colour, a kashmiri boy whose video is viral on social media was forced to request people to delete his video from social media platforms.

A video, uploaded by an unknown Facebook handle in March this year, set internet on fire for its being vulgar and most importantly, what apparently irked the social media users in Kashmir, was the kashmiri girl who was seen in the video with the boy in question.

Initially, people started trolling the girl in the video for making a reel with a man from Bihar, and without even verifying the facts, hundreds of social media users uploaded the same video with a caption, “Kashmiri Girl Making Reels With A Man From Bihar.”

After receiving severe backlash, the authenticity of the video was soon verified by some social media handles, who made it clear that the boy in the reel was not from Bihar, but Kashmir and requested social media users not to judge people based on their colour.

The Fact:

The boy in the video is a resident of Kashmir and like any other social media influencer, he too was making reels with his friends and later uploading them on social media.

His dark complexion caught the attention of people in Kashmir and he along with the girl in video were severely abused and brutally trolled, particularly the girl, who was blamed for being brainless and spineless, as according to them (social media users) she was making reels with a man from Bihar.

When nothing worked, the boy had to record a video in his native language (kashmiri) requesting people with folded hands to delete his video from all social media platforms.

Please delete my video, I am being abused and attacked for my skin colour. I request everyone to kindly delete my video from social media.” Said the boy in the video.




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