“Trueen Trueen” Boy’s Video Takes Internet By Storm, Netizens Call It “Hilarious”

Screen grab of the viral video

Umran Hussain

A hilarious video shot by Rafaqat Ahmad from Kupwara took internet by storm last week. Rafaqat never knew that his video is going to make millions of people laugh across the world.

Soon after Rafaqat shared the video of a boy on his wall, something unexpected happened, “views” in lakhs, “comments” and “likes” in thousands. Quite unusual for a normal Facebook user.

The content in the video was so hilarious that people had no other option but to share and share with different captions on their respective walls. The video gradually took over the K-internet that day.

The young boy in the video purportedly ill, was taken to a nearby dispensary by his mother. The paramedic on duty tries to convince the young boy to take an intravenous injection but as usual the boy started responding the way other kids do, refusing to take it in the first place, crying and making excuses of not to take the injection.

The hilarious part of the video starts in the second minute of the video which is 2: 16 minutes long. The boy after making hundreds of excuses forces the paramedic to change his tone and apply a little force to make the boy static so that he can inject the medicine. The mother too grabs the boy and tries to convince him for the injection but all vain.

In the last thirty seconds, the video takes a hilarious turn. After putting in all his expertise, the paramedic finally succeeds in injecting the needle and the boy starts making hilarious sounds, “Trueen trueen” was specifically one that made the whole world laugh. Not only the sounds of the birds but the facial expressions of the boy are worth watching.

The video has so far fetched millions of views collectively on various social media platforms and was shared by hundred of profiles with “blue ticks”.

Just another day, a news paper in Pakistan carried the news of the boy with millions of people liking it. Brut India, a digital video publisher posted a video about the boy which has fetched more than 8 lac views till this report was filed.

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The boys reaction won millions of hearts, connected the digital bond of India and Pakistan and most importantly made everyone laugh as everyone loved the cute and hilarious sounds and expressions of the boy.

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