Truth Behind The Miraculous ‘Khasi Nagye’ Spring In Anantnag

Umran Hussain

Khasi Nagye,” the magical words used by an elderly man somewhere in Anantnag district of Jammu and Kashmir, to literally request the water level to rise in a spring, must be echoing in the heads of social media users in Kashmir, owing to the popularity of the video across almost all social media platforms.

An elderly man who claims to be a Youtuber along with a young boy in a video is seen informing the public about the miraculous rise of water level from a visibly dry spring which later turns out to be true after the young boy seemingly requests the water to rise by using tricky and magical words ‘Khasi Nagye‘ which translates to ‘Rise, O! Water Level‘.

Our fact-Checking team tried to find out the actual reason behind this unusual phenomenon of the spring and nothing as such was found published on the internet and surprisingly such kinds of springs didn’t even fall under any internationally acclaimed classification of springs.

Finally, in the comment section of the video, we found some users claiming to be locals and eyewitnesses to this alleged miracle.

Upon contacting at least five among them, one user (Mushtaq) [name changed] said that he has witnessed this phenomenon of the spring a number of times just to get to the roots of it.

“After several visits to this place, I found that the water level keeps on rising and receding at regular intervals and taking advantage of the timing of this phenomenon, some local social media users started twisting the facts and they use the words “Khasi Nagye” at a time when they know it is right time for the water to come out, hence, giving out a sense of the presence of miracle in the spring,” said Mushtaq.

“This spring has become a fodder for the social media users who are taking advantage of the religious sentiments of the people. It is all about timing and this phenomenon has nothing to do with the human voices. You stay there for an hour without uttering a single word, the water level will still rise and recede on its own.” Said another social media user.

Even though, the internet couldn’t provide us the exact detailed information about this phenomenon, but certain scholarly articles did mention about such places where water level keeps on rising and receding intermittently which according to the research are the water currents from a nearby water source and the water from this source flows to the surface through natural cracks in the overlaying caprock.

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