Water Springs Out From An Electric Pole In Kashmir. Puzzles Local Residents

Screen Grab of the video

Umran Hussain

In a mysteriously bizzare incident an undated video shot somewhere in Kashmir puzzled netizens in which water can be seen continuously oozing out from an electric line pole.

“Utility poles in Kashmir are serving for more than a century as support struts for overhead wires that convey electricity and telecom services at the same time, department doesn’t even bother to change them. It doesn’t puzzle me if such age old electric poles ooze out even water now.” Wrote one Facebook user while expressing anger.

Things like water doesn’t come to mind when you think about what an electric Pole is used for but a pole somewhere in Kashmir is a rare exception to the rule.

A jet of water can be seen coming out of the electric line pole and this process has been going on for about two weeks now, read the caption of the video.

The video which is now viral on social media has raised several questions about the concerned department, as it can prove dangerous.

“This pole serves three purposes, In addition to supplying electricity and telephone lines, now this pole has started serving the Jal Shakti department. We must salute this non living thing for being more useful than humans.” Wrote a Facebook user while taking a jibe at the concerned departments.

“If you ever feel useless, remember, the power development department is yet to figure out this mysterious phenomenon.” Wrote Ehsan Nabi in the comment section of the video.

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