We have poor children too in the school. Principal appeals parents not to send costly eatables with kids

Umran Hussain

Principal of a private school in Chadura area of Budgam took to Facebook to send out a strong moral message to the parents who have their kids enrolled in his school.

In a three minute long video, the principal of Islamic Educational Institute, Lolipora Chadura appealed the parents to keep away their wards from the menace of junk food.

The principal had collected a huge cache of junk food from the students.

Moreover, the principal displayed a costly chocolate box and said that poor kids too are admitted in his school, such items may have a very bad psychological impact on them.

“Poor parents cannot afford such valuable items, before buying such items for your kids, kindly think of the poor who crave for a single biscuit packet.” Said the principal in his message.

The message was received with love by the netizens with more than three lakh views and twelve thousand shares on the video.

“A Great message by a Great person, the way he told should be followed in letter and sprit to save the Health and career of students.” Wrote Advocate Nazeer in the comment section of the video.

Another Facebook user reacted by saying, “this message should be followed in principle, we hardly come across such valuable advices on internet these days. Great going principal sir.”

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