When A Son Turns Into A Monster, Those Eyes Are Bound To Shed Tears

Umran Hussain

A desperate mother had to take an auto rickshaw to travel to Srinagar’s press colony to request her son to return the money she had saved to survive.

Alone, desperate, weak and poor. A mother whose tears moved every conscious soul in Kashmir was cheated, dodged and robbed off by none but her own son, requested everyone to listen to her plea when she broke down in the press colony and talked about the money she had saved for herself and how she was later cheated by her son after he fraudulently took away all her savings, leaving her alone and penniless.

The video of the woman went viral on social media and people were seen bashing the man who didn’t even spare his mother and left her penniless.

The elderly woman was accompanied by her daughter who later explained the wrongs his brother has done to her sisters as well. Both mother-daughter duo demanded strict action again the man.

Such videos remain in circulation quite often, people bash the irresponsible son’s and demand strict action against them and with the passage of time, our eyes fall upon something else on social media and we immediately forget the victims, “The elderly parents” as to what happend to them after their video was watched by millions of people.

Such videos don’t even leave an everlasting impression on responsible citizens as is evident from the “later” response of the same people who once supported such distressed and poor parents on social media.

Such videos should act as an eye-opener for our younger generation. Our writers, social media influencers and poets should use their “influence” and the “pen” to spread the messages of our responsibilities towards our parents by the using the contents of such video.

Unfortunately, talking on such videos is considered as a “low priced” content for the content creators. They don’t want to about “boring” topics. All they mean is to entertain their fans and earn money from the views they get.

Discussing such issues should be a priority for all us. We need to use our platforms to bring such shameful cases to the limelight. If not for our own sake, at least for the sake of our younger generation.

A person’s duty towards his parents comes second only to his duty towards Allah. Allah says: “Your Lord has decreed that you worship none but Him, and that you shall render utmost kindness to your parents.” (Al-Israa’ 17:23) So, it is incumbent on both the son and the daughter to be dutiful to their mother and take care of her needs.

Since Islam is a religion of balance, the son and daughter are supposed to strike a balance between their duties towards their parents and towards their families.

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