When Talib’s Killer Too Participated In The Protest

Umran Hussain

A Spine chilling news about the murder of an 8 year old kid – Talib, from Awoora village of Kupwara on February 15th sent shock waves across the country in general and Jammu and Kashmir in particular.

Soon after the police recovered the body of Talib, police in a press conference said that the kid was murdered by a 19 year old boy and his mother at their own residence and later buried the body in a nearby forest.

Soon after the news of the murder was made public, several videos of Talib recorded by his family were uploaded on social media with people cursing the murderers of the innocent child.

One such video uploaded apparently by someone belonging to Talibs village, as the video was shot when the locals protested and wanted the police to  speed up the process of investigations which were going on when Talib was missing. There was something unusual in the video – Talib’s killer. Yes, you read it right.

The 19 year old boy who killed Talib too was protesting and requesting public and the police to look for young Talib.

The video which had garnered lakhs of views when this story was being filed, with thousands of people cursing the murderer in the comment section.

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