Young Girl Selling “Masal Chot” Wins hearts. Netizens Say Let’s Help This Poor Child

Umran Hussain

A teenage girl selling Masal Chot in a viral video won millions of hearts for working instead of begging on the streets.

The video shared by thousands of social media users is setting out an example of “hardwork” by a kid who apparently seems to support her poor family by selling famous kashmiri “Masal Chot.”

Such kids with financial constraints are usually seen begging on roads, but this young girl has decided to work and earn money for her family.

“Help me in identifying this young cute girl, I want to sponsor her education, she should be in a school. Do me a favour by getting her contact details.” Wrote one social media user in the comment section of the video.

“I have seen poor kids of her age begging on the roads, she truly won my heart. I want to help her financially if anyone gets me her contact details.” Wrote Mahapara, an advocate by profession.

“She seems to be a talented kid, look at those tender hands decorating the bread for her customers. People should come forward and help this poor child.” Wrote another Facebook user in the comment section of the video.

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