Youtuber Who Abuses Women In His Videos Castigated By People In Srinagar

Umran Hussain

Another untamed youtuber from Kashmir is making rounds on Facebook and YouTube for his anti women crusade, a skill which he apparently acquired from his senior youtubers who established a very strong base on Facebook and YouTube by using women as their fodder.

Umar, who started his Facebook page and YouTube channel to earn money as the norm goes, knew it well; where, when and how to hit the right chord.

Youtubers in other part of the world get inspired by, Nas Daily, Project Nightfall, Drew Binsky and other famous youtubers, but the “bad” that has crept in in our society has taken the form of a “worst” trend, as our so called influencers exclusively feed on abuse, misogyny and community guideline violations.

Barring a few, the youtubers /influencers in Kashmir try to demean women in every video they upload on their channels to garner a few likes and views.

The youtuber in question started his tirade against women by choosing Sakeena Reshi whose first song on YouTube went viral and was criticised for using auto-tune technology to smoothen her voice in the song.

Umar, used vulgar, offensive and insulting words to roast her for which he was later thrashed by some youth in Pahalgam.

What irks a conscious citizen is the response, such abusive youtubers get from their so called fans. Their abusive videos earn them money in lakhs.

In a recent video, this youtuber (Umar) abused a girl who was seen requesting Hasan Ali, a Pakistani fast bowler to bowl well in a viral video shot in Dubai cricket stadium.

The girl used kashmiri language in a funny way and called out Hassan Ali to play well for his team and her video went viral on social media for which she had to request people to delete her video as she faced lots of problems because of it.

But this so called influencer tried to bring in religion and described her presence and language in the video as “Haram ” and went on to target her upbringing by dragging her family too into the incident.

Taking a strict note of this serial offender, a group of young men can be seen teaching him a lesson of morality in a video which is now viral on social media.

The man taking lead in the video talks about the video Umar had made about the kashmiri girl whose video went viral from Dubai cricket stadium.

“What if somebody talks bad about your sister, how would you react if your sister gets roasted on social media.” Says the man to Umar in the video.

Though Umar apologised to the group of men in the video but later her uploaded a video on his channel claiming that he was cheated on the pretext of a prank video by the group of men in Srinagar.

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