Man From Pulwama Looses Rs.15000 To Fake Jio Sim Verification

Umran Hussain

Over the past few months, online classifieds portals using UPI (Unified Payments Interface) for transactions have witnessed a spurt in cases of fraud. The cyber police in Jammu and Kashmir have registered more than 150 cases involving UPI frauds in the last several months alone.

The striking similarity in all these frauds is that UPI is being hijacked by conmen and hackers to siphon off hard-earned money of unsuspecting users. UPI enables bank account-holders to send and receive money using a PIN or a Unique ID-Virtual Payment Address (VPA).

Ishfaq Ahmad Dar from South kashmir’s Pulwama district was a victim of the “Jio number verification.” His story is a warning for everyone. If you have a mobile phone, you are a potential target in this fraud.

Fifteen thousand rupees were stolen from Ishfaq’s account after he provided his KYC details, to keep his SIM active, through an app sent by the suspect.

Not knowing that he was walking into a trap, Ishfaq, belonging to Talangam village of Pulwama, called what he thought was the customer care number of the mobile phone operator.

He was first asked to download the ‘Quick Support’ app and transfer ₹10 so that his due Bill gets paid.
Soon after the money was transferred and online confirmation issued, Ishfaq received a message on his phone containing one time password for transfer of ₹8,000 and ₹7,000 within few minutes.

“I tried to cut the call but it did not work. The caller seemed to be online and even hacked my phone since he accessed OTP to take away fifteen thousand rupees. “I could not make any calls from my phone after that and had to raise a complaint with Jammu and Kashmir Bank by contacting an official working in a nearby branch of the Jammu and Kashmir bank,” Said Ishfaq while talking to The Kashmir Radar.

It is clear that once I transferred ₹10 via net banking, the accused took control of my phone even while I was on the call updating him about the payment details,” Said Ishfaq Ahmad.

Earlier the official Twitter handle of “JioCare” had warned its users not to fall prey to fake “SIM KYC fraud.” While replying to one of its users, JioCare tweeted and warned its users not to call such numbers as it may harm your accounts safety.

We are here to help. We really appreciate your vigilance in checking this SMS with us. This SMS appears to be a Fraud. Jio never asks you to call any mobile number for verification of any documents. Please do not call such numbers as it may harm your account’s safety. Tweeted JioCare.

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