Should we really worry about the Solar Storm expected to hit the Earth today?

At a speed of 1.6 million kilometres, a powerful solar storm is approaching the Earth. The storm will hit the Earth on Sunday or Monday.

A report by claims that the storm has originated from the Sun’s atmosphere. This would have a significant impact on the region of space dominated by Earth’s magnetic field.

Because of the solar storm, there will be a view of fascinating celestial lighting for people living at the North or South Pole. added that the outer atmosphere of the Earth could be heated, due to solar storms, which could have a direct effect on the satellites.

This could cause interference with GPS navigation, mobile phone signal and satellite TV. The current in power lines can be high, which can also blow transformers.

As per the US space agency, NASA, the speed of the solar storm could increase from 1.6 million kilometres per hour.

But space weather doesn’t pose a direct health threat to the people on the earth – so don’t worry about overdosing on solar radiation if you step outside or getting blowtorched by a “killer” solar flare. When we talk about the threat of space weather, we’re mainly concerned about modern society’s greatest Achilles Heel: technology.

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