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Son Arrested for Killing Parents and Brother

A man has been arrested for allegedly killing his parents and brother in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, police said on January 19. The accused has been identified as Sarfraz Khan (31). He has been taken into custody. The police said that he had murdered his parents – Mehmood Ali Khan, Darakshan and his brother Shavez on January 5 in the Bakshi Ka Talab (BKT) police station area of Lucknow. According to the police, the accused killed his parents and brother to get ownership of the property of his father.

The bodies of the deceased were found in different parts of the city for a week after the murder. The body of 26-year-old Shavez was found in the Itaunja area of Lucknow on January 6. Two days later, the body of Mehmood was found in Malihabad and then on January 13, the body of Darakshan was found in the mall area. All of them were killed by slitting their throats. The police investigation found that the three who died were the parents and their son.

The Inspector General of Police of Lucknow Range, Laxmi Singh, said that the BKT police first started the investigation after the body of the Shavez was found.

“During the investigation, it came to light that the retired Indian Oil Officer Mehmood Ali Khan, living in Vikasnagar area of Lucknow Commissionerate and his wife had gone missing,” she said.

“An investigation team reached Mehmood’s house. The team suspected Sarfaraz, the elder son of Mehmood during interrogation. After sustained interrogation Sarfaraz revealed the truth. The police arrested the accused after his confession,” she added.

In police custody Sarfaraz said that his father did not like him and he was afraid that his father might give all the property to the younger son Shavez. Sarfaraz alleged that his father used to perform black magic on him.

According to the police, Sarfaraz had done LL. B. He was preparing to become a judge but his father wanted him to become an officer in Indian Oil. On the night of January 5, he mixed 90 sleeping pills in food and fed them to his parents and brother. He slit their throats when they were sleeping, police said.

During interrogation, Sarfaraz told that after the murder he had thrown the father’s body in Malihabad, the mother’s body in the mall area and the brother’s body in Itaunja.

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