Mad For Momos: The Devour Destination

“Food for stomach” to “Food for service,”

Soliha Shabir

Jaleed’s slogan changed from “food for stomach” to “food for service,” and the impact can now be seen under the name “Mad For Momos.”

Jaleed, the proud owner of Mad For Momos at the age of 23, has a passion to build up his locations to greet tummies while also creating jobs. Jaleed Ashai, a “Business Administration” degree holder, has quickly transitioned from corporate to food, while still justifying the field.

Jaleed’s Mad for Momos team claims to be Kashmir’s first dedicated momo brand, offering more than nine varieties of momos with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian ingredients.

Momos, noodles, fries, and fruit-based smoothies are all specialties of Mad for Momos.

Steamed momos, fried momos, peri-peri momos, BBQ momos, veg momos, and many other options are available on the menu.

Jaleed Ashai’s Mad for Momos began as a cloud kitchen in Rajbagh, taking and delivering orders during the Covid lockdown. Jaleed was compelled to increase his workforce from two to fifteen as a result of the positive feedback he received.

During my visit to Mad for Momos in City Mall, M.A Road, Srinagar, I was able to sample a broad range of momos, all of which satisfied my hunger. I’m going to include some of the most exciting momos from Mad for Momos, as well as my experience with them.

Peri-Peri Momos: Peri-peri is a spicy pepper, and the momos were definitely as spicy as the name suggests. Spicy momos with a spicy sauce made with the most popular components such as chilli peppers, lemon, vinegar, garlic, bay leaves, and oil, with each taste easily distinguishable.

Crispy Momos: Crunchy and juicy momos coated in bread crumbs combine the filling’s distinctive flavour with the crunch of the crust. These momos’ crispy shell and soft filling worked quite well together.

Malai Momos: This creamy type of steaming momos cooked with butter and fresh cream, as well as certain herbs, gives momos their most fresh flavour.

Steamed Momos: These are the widely accessible ones. These momos were exceptionally light and flavorful, satisfying even the most ardent momo fans.

They have fantastic momos for such a low price. Food is extremely hygienic, fresh, and delicious. Hygiene is the most important factor, and among the food partners at City Mall, Mad for Momos is the fastest growing momobrand in Kashmir, to global next.

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