Strange Wedding: Man Marries A Rice Cooker In Indonesia

The marriage of a man living in Indonesia is in the headlines. This person did not marry any girl but with a cooker. The man has shared pictures of his unique wedding on Facebook, which are now going viral. However, after four days, he also got divorced from Cooker. Let’s know the whole matter.

Actually, Khoirul Anam of Indonesia has shared pictures of his marriage with cooker on his Facebook account in which he is seen wearing wedding clothes and holding the cooker in his hands.

In some pictures he is seen kissing the cooker, in some he is seen posing with the cooker. In the caption of the post, Anam wrote – I decided to marry my rice cooker because it is “fair, obedient, loving and helpful in cooking.”

Strangely, after four days, Anam got divorced from Cooker by and he announced the divorce on Facebook, with Anam saying that it can only cook rice. At the moment, users are calling this marriage just a stunt. According to local news websites, Anam is a famous figure in Indonesia who keeps doing strange stunts to entertain his followers.

Thousands of people have liked his Facebook post, while close to 10 thousand people have shared this post. Users are commenting on this in different ways. Some users called it funny and some user called it a publicity stunt.

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