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Thousands Of Fish Found Dead In Srinagar’s Dal Lake

Thousands of fish have been found dead in the Dal Lake in Srinagar, hence causing panic among the locals, particularly, the Dal Dwellers.

According to locals, thousands of fish are floating on the surface of the world-famous Dal Lake around the Nehru Park area.

The dead fish have now started creating foul odours to the Dal Lake.

As per eyewitnesses, the dead fish are floating on the surface of the water at several places including Nehru Park, Ghat 18, Centaur Hotel, Foreshore Road.

Various teams of the Fisheries Department, LCMA have visited the spot and are investigating the causes behind the death of the fish.

“Initial investigation has revealed that stratification, the change in the temperature profile with increasing depth inside the  water body may have resulted in the death of the fish.”

The concentration of oxygen due to increasing pollution can be the another cause of the death of fish inside the lake, revealed an official.

However, This is not the first time that the death of fish has been reported in the Kashmir valley. Earlier fish deaths have been reported from several parts of the valley.



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