Gasha: The Cook Who Wants To Help Orphan and Poor Girls

Gasha rekindled an extinguished flame of humanity

Umran Hussain

The Kashmir Radar: While people across the globe are busy counting dollars they are supposed to pay for a blue tick on Twitter, Gasha, a famous kashmiri cook rekindled an almost extinguished flame of humanity by announcing something which captured everyone’s attention on social media.

Riyaz Ahmad Lone Alias ‘Gasha’ in a video message informed general public to help him in identifying poor and orphan girls so that he can cook the famous ‘Wazwan’ on their marriage for free.

“My name is Riyaz Ahmad lone, people call me ‘Gasha’ and I am here to help the poor, needy and orphan girls. I want to cook for free for them and I wont charge anything for the Wazwan.” Said Riyaz Ahmad in a video message which is now viral across all social media platforms.

Arranging and cooking Wazwan on marriages in Kashmir is a very costly affair and most of the times, poor people find it very difficult to arrange one for them.

People hailed this kind gesture of ‘Gasha’ and were all praises in the comment section of the video with thousands of social media users presenting a grand salute to him.

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